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First Quarter Outside Reading Book Essay

First Quarter Outside Reading Book Essay

Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer, Miramax Books, 2005 Genre: Science Fiction

Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception is the fourth book in the Artemis Fowl Series. The book is about a teenage genius trying to stop a narcissistic pixie mastermind attempting to stop her from revealing the People, a race of fairies that live below the Earth’s surface, to the human race. The story takes place in Europe, over many locations, and also in the Lower Elements where the People live. At the beginning of the story, Opal quickly disposes of Commander Root, who kills him with the help of a bomb that she herself is controlling and in turn tricks Holly, Commander Roots’ comrade and friend, that she can stop it. By the video that is on the surveillance camera that had been monitoring them, it seems that Holly had shot Root, and she becomes a rogue agent, and escapes to save Artemis from the rest of Opal’s plot. They gain the help of an infamous troll named Mulch Diggums, whose expertise includes but not limited to a tunnel digger and a walking stink bomb. He escapes from jail and helps Artemis and Holly to help stop Opal’s terror plot

“Agile Prose, rapid-fire dialogue, and wise-acre humor ensure that readers will burn the midnight oil”, Publishers Weekly states.

The book starts with Artemis in Munich stealing a certain portrait named The Fairy Thief. As he is working on this plot, Opal Koboi, the pixie mastermind is working on her plot for revenge against the people who had put her into an asylum, who are Artemis Fowl, Captain Holly Short, Commander Julius Root, and a genius centaur named Foaly. This book shows Artemis’ personality and morals from before he was put under a mesmer by Holly Short. Artemis then shows his true colors by being generous in the face of death.

Artemis Fowl’s life is packed with a lot of action made exponentially greater by his writing style, stated in the quote by Publisher’s Weekly. The book has the same writing style as his other books, with the same description in high action situations by stating every miniscule detail. Its wide range of vocabulary keeps the reader interested but not necessarily confused. This book is great for young readers and adults alike.

I have read previous Artemis Fowl books, but by far this is my favorite out of the ones I have read. It has more action than the rest of his books. I also like that the view of this book is not just from Artemis’ point of view, it is also in Opal’s point of view and as well as Holly’s. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read, as well as a book to teach you about morals.

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  1. His impression of the book was descriptive and full of action. The author uses a lot of description in high action situations by stating every miniscule detail.The reviewer also says the author uses a wide range of vocabulary that keeps the reader interested.The reviewer doesn't give a passage from the book, but gives a good sense of the writers style of writing very well.I would consider reading this book because action books are a blast to read. This one seems like it has a lot of action.