Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Sounds of Music during Christmas

What really is value? To many people, value means something that has monetary worth. Most of these people are the greedy, materialistic type. But what does value meant to you? To me, value is something that I hold close to my heart, something I think of every day. It’s something that I use every day. This is what value means to me.
Months have passed since I had had my precious ear buds keeping my ear canal warm. That's ninety days since i have heard my music, floating playfully around my head. Too many bus rides wasted staring through the smoked glass of my school bus. The immature yelling, screaming in my ear and asking me the useless, redundant questions that will have no use to me or anyone else later on. They twist my words into bad jokes that drive me insane. My music is the fine line that separates my annoyance to me "going postal" on these fifth graders.
The first legitimate MP3 player i have ever had was an Ipod Nano. This thing was large and you could clearly see if i had this behemoth in my pocket or not. When i bought my first, i made the investment of twenty dollars towards the one year warranty. I am glad i bought this because someone threw my Nano into the washing machine (wink wink). The one year warranty ensured me that i would get the newest available model as a replacement if i had ever broke it. Just as the Nano broke, the new Nano third generation was released. This was just my luck. This Nano was smaller, looked flawless and even performed flawlessly. It could even play movies!
The drive to Best Buy was a happy one. The whole entire ride i was fumbling my fingers and smiling ear to ear, even my father noticed. As we left the Interstate, i saw the big, yellow price tag secured to the building. At this point, i was pretty much jumping for joy. We pulled into the parking lot, walked through the door and met Customer Service at their designated desk. I handed my plastic-gilded piece of rubbish to the employee. He inspected the ipod meticulously, looking for the evident problem of water damage and if he could possibly fix, even if he knew he couldn't. He couldn't turn the ipod on, and this ensured me the new ipod. My grin grew even larger, all the customers staring at the child in the corner of the store who wore the stupid grin. He handed me the the shining silver square that was the new Nano third generation. I couldn't think that my grin could grow any larger but it definitely did.
The moment i stepped into my house I ran to the computer and uploaded my large library of audio bliss onto my new baby. As you can see from the joy i exhibited on my trip to Best Buy, my music means very much to me. My music is my personality, its how i express it. My Ipod keeps me company when i'm lonely, and it's also something for my friends and I to listen to when we're together. It has helped me through the rough times and i've also had countless hours of happy times with it. I love my music, and i love it more now that i can keep my portable bliss concealed in my jeans.
It's that time of year again, where sand and shovels are your best friend. That's right kids, it's winter! I love winter, just not specific parts of it. Winter is the time where tiny bits of two-faced, frozen water fall from the sky and land inconveniently on my drive way. Its my least favorite season but i always look forward to it for one specific reason. That reason is Christmas. Christmas is the time of family, where most familys are together. My favorite part of Christmas is not in fact getting presents on Christmas Day, but picking out the Christmas tree.
I walked down the stairs one morning and i find that there is this one huge spot being cleared in my fireplace room. My mom is rearranging furniture away from the large patch of carpet and also away from our front door. My little brother had been talking about it for a while and its what the guys in the family had looked forward to. Today was the day when we get to pick out our Christmas tree. Both of my brothers had infinite glee in our eyes, because this is the moment in the season that we all wait for. We gathered our bungee cords and drove down Route 116 to Class Grass.
We jumped out of the car and we find that there are millions of trees to choose from. There are short trees and there are tall trees, skinny trees and fat trees. The tree we were looking for was a tall tree that was also fat. We browsed for an hour until we found the perfect tree. The tree was nine feet tall and we were not even close to wrapping out arms around the green hunk of joy, a Douglas Fir. We paid for the tree, which was a reasonable price. We threw the tree over the top of our van and tied it down with our trusty bungee cords. My family and I then rode down Route 116 with pine needles flying off of the tree.
These are the things in life I most value. I value my music because it speaks to me, understands me, and describes me. My music keeps me company when I'm alone, and the opposite when I'm with friends. The Ipod may have cost money, but to me it means more than that. I value my music the same way I value that moment every year when we pick out the Christmas tree. We bicker about the perfect tree not in anger, but we anger United. I would never miss this moment in the year for the world. We all decide on the object that symbolizes the season. This season is meant for family, and family is what matters.
Both moments cost money, but that's not what matters. Whether the song is ninety-nine cents, or the tree is one hundred dollars, it's the feeling that matters. Both make me happy, and that is what really matters. To me, happiness has no real price.


  1. 1. The author talks about value. He says value is something that he holds dear to his heart. It is something he thinks of everyday. That is what the author says about value.
    2. I think that both items are both greatly described. I'd have to say the ipod is the best described one. They showed how happy they were by using phrases like smiling ear to ear and glee. That is the item that I felt was best described.
    3. I thought that the best overall strength was the emotion. They showed how happy they were on both occasions. Whether it be grinning in Best Buy or anticipating the Christmas season the emotion was always there. That was the best overall strength of the essay.
    4. The essay was pretty much flawless. One suggestion I have is to expand their opening paragraph. They should explain more about what value is. That is my suggestion on what they should do to improve their essay.

  2. 1. Jon seems to be saying that some people may just only care about worth in money when it comes to value, but to him as well as others, it's something held close to the heart.
    2. In my opinion, I think the part with the iPod Nano was more thoroughly described. I also enjoyed this part the most from the start from the humor about the 5th graders and 'accidentally' breaking your iPod.
    3. This essay's strengths are how the author controls the mood flawlessly and how there is a large variety in the use of vocabulary.
    4. I would say to watch capitalization, there were a lot of lower case I's. Also, I would say to touch up on the conclusion. Other than that, I believe the essay was well put out.